Sylvester Stallone Will Guest Star in This Is Us Season 2!

You read that right, Sylvester Stallone, best knows for his rolls in movies such as Rocky and Rambo, will be making a guest appearance on the NBC hit television series, This Is Us. Stallone will be playing a pretty big roll as a co-star of Kevin’s in an upcoming acting roll. He will be playing a father-figure roll in the film that him and Kevin will be co-staring in.

All the fans of this time shifting drama have been left with a lot of questions after the first season ended. How does Jack die? Why does Kate feel responsible for it? These are only two of the questions most seek answers to. According to the executive producer of the show, Dan Fogelman, we will all get the answers to those questions in This Is Us season 2.

For anyone that doesn’t remember the story lines late in the first season, Kate has decided to put her personal assistant work aside to pursue a singing career. Randall and his wife Beth are thinking about adopting a child. Kevin is accepting a huge job offer in a film and trying to rekindle a relationship with his ex-wife, Sophie.

I can’t wait for This Is Us season 2 to begin this September 26th at 9/8c on NBC! For anyone who hasn’t seen this show, if you are into shows that will make you sob uncontrollably, both happy tears and sad, this is the show for you! You can binge watch This Is Us season 1 on Amazon Video and at

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