The Emoji Movie Trailer: Coming to Theaters Tomorrow!

Who would have thought that the smileys from our smartphones would star in their own movie? I sure didn’t think The Emoji Movie would ever be a thing, but it is and it looks hilarious! I will be the first to admit when I first started hearing about the possibility of this happening, I was a critic. I mean, how could this possibly be entertaining?

I watched the trailer after my son told me that he wanted to see it, he is five and usually not this excited about new movies. I laughed pretty hard at this short two and a half minute video. This movie is about the world of Textopolis, a hidden world inside our smartphones where all the h live.

As we know all of the emojis have one expression, however, in the movie their is an emoji named Gene. He is the “meh” emoji, but is able to change his facial expressions. He really wishes he was normal and by normal he means like the others. Well, he asks his friend Hi-5 and Jailbreak for help. The movie revolves around their experiences traveling through the other apps in your phone.

Now that I have rambled about The Emoji Movie, please enjoy the trailer below!

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