Linkin Park Albums Make Top Hard Rock Albums List

Since Chester Bennington’s death there has been an insane about of support to his band mates in Linkin Park and his family and it comes in all forms. Whether it’s social media sending your thoughts and prayers or doing your fair share of trying to raise awareness for suicide and mental health, we have all played a part.

In the wake of Chester’s death, a lot of fans have been turning to his music to cope.  As a huge Linkin Park fan myself, I have been listening to their albums on repeat for the last week since hearing about his tragic death. So much so that three of their albums have made their way back into the top 10 on Billboard’s Top 25 hard rock albums list.

Hybrid Theory is sitting at number one on the list, having been at number 11 the week before. Meteora is at number two and Minutes to Midnight sitting at number 9, neither of which had been on the list the previous week. Have you seen their new music video for Talking to Myself? Check out it below and let me know what you think!

RIP Chester Bennington. You will be greatly.

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